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Knowledge Is Power: The Real Reason to Schedule Those Pesky Annual Exams

August 27, 2020

Even if you’d rather clean out the garage than have an annual physical, one fact stands clear: knowledge is power. The greatest benefit of regular checkups is the knowledge gained from them—for both you and your provider.

Consistent exams encourage communication. They allow your doctor to observe changes in your health and catch early warning signs of disease. Your providers will recommend the frequency of the following assessments based on your age, risk factors, and health conditions—it’s not the same for everyone.

GP/PCP: physical and bloodwork

Height and weight, vital signs, and respiration are recorded, and the body is manually examined for abnormalities.

Basic blood tests evaluate organ function, cholesterol and blood sugar level, and the efficacy of medications. CBC (Complete Blood Count), CMP or BMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel or Basic Metabolic Panel), and a lipid protein panel are common.

OB-GYN and mammogram

Still your best advocate for early detection, these exams screen for breast and cervical cancer, plus any other irregularities.

Urologist and PSA (Prostate-specific antigen) tests

Urologists check for cancer and are key to maintaining a man’s sexual health as he ages.

Eye doctor and dilation

Having the correct eye prescription brings your world into focus and reduces eye strain and headaches. Eye doctors screen for eye diseases that cause blindness and can also spot high blood pressure and diabetes.

Dentist and x-rays

Tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer, diabetes­–your dentist can tell a lot about your health. If you prefer a cleaning over a root canal, then keep regular appointments.


The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends seeing a dermatologist every year for a full-body, professional skin exam.

No doctor?

Look for recommendations here:

Start this process early. To keep current, rebook your next checkup while you’re at your appointment or use a calendar app to remind you.

Getting regular checkups, including those listed above, isn’t always convenient but it’s the right thing to do to make health possible for you and your family. Questions? Contact us at 317-462-5544.