Mental Health Testimony – Patient J

December 28, 2020
J has long history of mental health and substance use challenges. She has been clean for 4 years but was struggling with high levels of anxiety, parenting and marriage difficulties. She attempted to seek help with three other organizations and was unsuccessful. She was directed to call healthy365 and when she reached our Navigator she was almost to the point of crisis. Our Navigator provided an empathetic ear and was able to assist her in getting a counseling appointment for the next day, helped her obtain insurance, started on medication, and got connected with a new family doctor. J states “I have been searching for help for the last 4-5 years. I’ve had overwhelming anxiety and did not know what to do. When I called healthy365 I didn’t feel brushed to the side due to my history. You took time to listen, understand, and helped me figure out what to do.”

We recently asked her, what Navigation meant to her and her response was “In all honesty, healthy365 helped me a lot. It goes so deep since that phone call. My marriage has started to get better because we almost didn’t make it. I am a better, more loving, patient mother. I was just ready to walk out and give up. It has changed so much since someone finally just listened and I didn’t have any image to uphold. It means so much that they have really stayed in touch to make sure everything is working out. I am just getting started and it is definitely going to be a long road but I’m glad someone finally took the time and didn’t make me just feel stupid or crazy.”

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