Hancock Health: COVID-19 Vaccination Statement

December 28, 2020
Like most news and updates dealing with Covid-19, the news about FDA approval of two Covid-19 vaccinations for emergency use comes with as many questions as it does answers. Is it safe to get the vaccination? Can I trust it will work? Do I really need it?

Our answer to all three questions at Hancock Health is “Yes”. From a medical standpoint, these vaccines are different than traditional vaccines, which are made with weakened or inactive parts of a virus. Neither of the current Covid-19 vaccines—known as mRNA vaccines—contains any part of the novel coronavirus. Instead of introducing the virus to your immune system, these vaccines act more like instruction manuals, through a spike protein that teaches your immune system how to disable the virus.

Only you can decide if you are comfortable in taking the two-dose vaccination.  If you have decided “yes”, thank you. If you are still thinking about it, there is still time to decide. Please know that our chief medical officer, Dr. Mike Fletcher, Dr. Julia Compton, president of Hancock Physician Network and Tim Livesay, our pharmacy director, are confident in the positive clinical trial results presented by Pfizer and Moderna and reviewed by the FDA’s panel of external experts for quality, safety, and efficacy.

The last nine months have been exhausting for all of us, but we believe these vaccines present our best chance to get Covid-19 under control and regain a semblance of normalcy in our hospital, healthcare system, and society. We encourage you to add your name to the roll of those vaccinated when your time arrives. Together, we can keep everyone, especially our family, friends, and neighbors in Hancock County, safe and healthy.

To find out more about the vaccines, vaccine safety, and why it is important to get vaccinated, visit #thisisourshot

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