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Fight the Cookie Urge? Nah, Just Make Them Healthier

November 18, 2020

What’s the only healthy cookie? An apple. But come on—there’s a sound neurochemical reason humans love sugar, and we’re all heartily in need of festive moments, be they iced, sprinkle-topped, or chock-full of chocolate. 

Mmmmm, chocolate.

Okay, we’re back. Gatherings may be discouraged, but the CDC has issued no warnings against baking. And if you turn some of that energy toward healthier cookie options, you’re doing even more for your health while you stay safe at home.

Sub whole wheat

Get your icing fix and some healthy fiber to boot. These decorated sugar cookies use whole wheat flour and invite all the artistry you can muster.

Go gluten-free

With oats, applesauce, coconut, and banana, these cowboy cookies are overachievers of healthy indulgence. Even with the chocolate chips.

Get creative

Creativity is key when trying to limit calories in desserts. Tahini and chocolate play especially well together, and you get less fat than you would with a cream filling in these chocolate peppermint thumbprint cookies.

Forget dairy

And get extra credit for replacing dairy with nuts, oats, and fruit in these vegan cranberry orange shortbread cookies.

Do tradition one better

Dreaming of gingerbread? Turns out there are about 4,000 recipes for lighter versions that still sing.

The tips above can help you create a healthier cookie plate and, in turn, avoid weighty surprises when you step on the scale next time. Because, with the addition of these healthier ingredients, indulgence doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure!