Hancock Physician Network’s July Office of the Month: Hancock Immediate Care Center – Greenfield

July 17, 2020
The hospital system can be a tricky network to navigate. But once you have a clear picture of your options, the various Hancock Health locations become manageable and reassuring. Last summer, we broke down a few common scenarios in which a patient should seek out the emergency room versus immediate care versus their primary care physician in hopes of making the many ways we make health possible clearer to our patients.

This month, we’re circling back with our friends at Hancock Immediate Care Center in Greenfield to learn more about the work they do for our August Office of the Month feature. In many ways, Hancock Immediate Care Center serves as the bridge between the emergency room and your primary care physician. Open for 12 hours daily, they handle the healthcare needs that don’t require the multi-layered care of an emergency room are  too urgent to wait until the doctor returns in the morning.

Convenient Care

Beyond the flexible hours, Immediate Care Center manager Don Thompson points to advances in technology as transformational to the center’s ability to make health possible for patients. “The Save My Spot option has been amazing for us, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Don said. “It allows patients to stay at home until the time they will be seen, limiting wait times and exposure to other patients.”

The Little Things

Don pointed to the many ways the center’s staff consistently goes above and beyond for their patients as one of its biggest strengths. “Recently, one of our nurse practitioners was calling in a prescription to the pharmacy, but also wanted the patient to use some over-the-counter medicine as well,” he said. “The nurse practitioner took the additional step and had the pharmacist pull the over-the-counter medications so the patient could grab everything at the drive-through window and avoid an additional trip inside the pharmacy.”

A Connected Database 

Knowledge is power when it comes to health care. Beyond convenience and compassion, another important tool used by the Immediate Care Center is the electronic medical records system that it shares with the entire Hancock Health network. This allows the nurses and physicians at the Immediate Care Center to see a patient’s complete medical history and understand any treatment they have received from their personal care physician or even the emergency room. “This is such an important piece to the puzzle when it comes to achieving the best possible health outcome for our patients,” Don said.

Schedule A Visit

Having an abundance of healthcare options available is never a bad thing. Primary care providers are preferable for non-life-threatening conditions. But the Immediate Care Center plays a vital role when you’re sick and your primary care physician isn’t an option. The quality of care you receive across the Hancock Health network is consistent, and the diverse options are tailored to different levels of need.

To schedule an appointment at Hancock Immediate Care – Greenfield, simply Save Your Spot on our website, or call (317) 468-4357.


124 W. Muskegon Dr.

Greenfield, IN 46140-3069


Daily, 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.


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