Hancock Health Physician of the Month: Wil Adams, DPM

July 14, 2020
We’ve all heard the phrase “it’s not brain surgery” in reference to some comparatively simple task. While the complexities of neurosurgery are undeniable, there are many other physicians whose area of expertise proves nearly as complicated. For instance, did you know that 25% of your bones reside in your feet and ankles?

That complexity is exactly what drove Hancock Orthopedics’ foot and ankle surgeon William Adams, DPM, to his work. “The foot and ankle are a complex and unique structure that is a challenge,” he said. “It incorporates a lot of different components of medicine.”

Dr. Adams has worked with Hancock Health for three years. He spends two days each week in clinic and three days in surgery. His primary focus is on reconstructive surgeries—fixing deformities people suffer from with their foot or ankle. These deformities may have been something a patient was born with, or something they acquired due to a traumatic injury or arthritis.

Wil said the best part of his job is providing care that improves his patient’s quality of life. “When a patient has healed from a surgery, or maybe even something simple, and they say they are happy and pain free—that’s the most gratifying part of my day,” he said.

He’s proud of the innovative work that takes place at Hancock Orthopedics. “Hancock Regional Hospital listens to their physicians and affords us the opportunity to innovate,” he said. “We are currently trying to bring in a fellowship-trained sports medicine doctor who specializes in various aspects of minimally invasive surgical and non-surgical care. We hope to transform the practice into a truly holistic, musculoskeletal healthcare office that has options for all types of patients—young and old, sick and healthy.”

Dr. Adams considers his work collaborative between the patient and the physician. “Patients know their bodies best,” he said. “I try to tailor treatment plans around their wishes, and what makes the most sense to us both as a joint effort—pun intended.”

“Hancock is a small hospital that affords big care,” said Dr. Adams. “A patient last week told me that she has never had such excellent communication between multiple specialists that were engaged in her health care. I do feel we provide superior communication due to our size, and technology advances.”

Do you have foot and ankle pain that limits your activity? Learn more about the way physicians are making health possible at Hancock Orthopedics. Reach Dr. Adams directly by calling (317) 477-6683.


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