You arrive at the hospital. Now what?

May 21, 2020
We know you’ve been asked to stay socially distant. But as things begin to open back up, the last thing you should be afraid of is going to the doctor.

The doctors, nurses, and associates of Hancock Health are committed to keeping you safe as we reopen all of our services. And we know what we’re doing: Dealing with infectious diseases such as the coronavirus is nothing new for us. It’s part of our training and expertise. When the virus struck earlier this year, we mobilized quickly to implement best practices to care for patients with COVID-19 and keep it from spreading inside our own facilities. We wouldn’t bring our associates back to work if we didn’t think we could protect them—and that goes double for our patients.

So here’s what you can expect when you show up at Hancock Regional Hospital for care:

Things will continue to be different, for a while at least. But we’re ready for you now. We’ll continue to follow the social distancing guidelines to make health possible for you and everyone we serve.

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We Make Health Possible

As East Central Indiana’s population grows, we’re putting health care where people need it most. Besides Hancock Regional Hospital, ranked as one of the nation’s safest by the Lown Hospital Index, our network includes more than 30 other locations near your home or work.

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