Coronavirus Update: April 16, 2020

April 16, 2020
Today was another interesting day nationally and regionally in the fight against COVID-19.  At the federal level, the President’s coronavirus task force issued guidelines for re-opening America (attached).  Here in Indiana, the Governor indicated that the “stay at home” order will likely be extended past the end of April and we expect his formal announcement sometime tomorrow.  In addition, the Governors of seven midwestern states, including Indiana, announced an agreement to coordinate efforts to re-open the economy on a regional level to ensure the right balance between safety and economic revitalization.

As I pen this update, the world is nearing 2.2 million people infected with the virus and more than 145,000 deaths.  The U.S. has nearly 700,000 cases and 35,00 deaths.  Indiana is at 9,500 cases with 477 deaths.  On a positive note, the growth in new cases in central Indiana has stabilized and appears to be on a downward trajectory and the impact on hospital occupancy has diminished significantly over the last week.  The statistics over the next few days will give us a much better idea of where things might go in the next few weeks.

As you speak with friends and family, please encourage them to see their doctor and utilize the emergency room if they have a medical issue.  We are hearing an increasing number of reports locally, and across the state, that people are afraid to go to the doctor, call an ambulance, or visit a hospital even if they are experiencing severe symptoms of heart attack, stroke, and injuries, for fear they will be exposed to the disease.  Please let them know this is not the case and hospitals, physicians, and first-responders remain available and ready to help them at any time.

If you have not yet had a chance to view it, please take a moment and catch the third video for the community that we created over the weekend:

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