Coronavirus Update: March 23, 2020

March 23, 2020
Before you read the following update, please know that the situation in our country and our state is looking dire, but our team at Hancock Health has the full support of our community leaders as we continue preparing for the next phase of the pandemic and we will come through the next several weeks wiser, stronger, and better than before!

Covid 19: 32,000 new cases were reported worldwide yesterday, with nearly 10,000 of those in America and 58 in Indiana.  Indiana has had a total of 259 Cases in 37 Counties and 7 Deaths; nearly 2,000 have been tested.  There are now four positive cases in Hancock County and we are awaiting the results of 20 more tests that are pending.

This afternoon, Governor Holcomb issued a “stay-at-home” order, the equivalent of the “shelter-in-place” order many other states have issued in recent days.  If you have not seen the speech by the Governor, I recommend you watch it.

The Governor would not have taken this action if our state officials did not realize the gravity of the situation. It is important to know that our county officials also understand the importance of the “stay-at-home” order.  Earlier today the Hancock County Emergency Management Director (Misty Moore), the County Sherriff (Brad Burkhart), the Greenfield Chief of Police (Jeff Rasche), and I recorded a Facebook Live video to provide a local flavor to the order and I would encourage you to watch as well.

Should your friends and family have questions on the virus, its impact, and the preparations Hancock Health has undertaken, please refer them to our website ( which has a growing body of resources to help.

Current projections indicate Indiana will hit the surge of COVID-19 positive patients in mid-April so we are taking advantage of this time to continue our preparations:

Please continue to take opportunities to refresh during a period of low census – it is quite likely we will become very busy in the weeks to come so it will be important to head into that time as fresh as we can be.

All the Best,

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