Hancock Physician Network’s Office of the Month

February 20, 2020
All of our Hancock Physician Network offices are dedicated to providing exceptional care for their patients. We’d like you to meet them all and get to know the people behind the stethoscopes.

This month, we wanted to spotlight Hancock Family Medicine-McKenzie, made up of Dr. M. Carmen Cudiamat, Dr. Lori Deemer, Dr. Senaka Ratnayake, Dr. Matthew Surburg, Cynthia Montgomery, NP, and Kristina Place, FNP-C. We talked with the team and learned what it’s like to provide care from their office. Get to know the people who help make health possible at our Hancock Family Medicine-McKenzie branch.

How do your office’s duties fit into Hancock Health as a whole?

Hancock Family Medicine-McKenzie takes care of all patients, from newborn to elderly. With such a wide range of patients, we make sure to offer personalized and effective care for all.

What is the most important function of your office?

Building relationships with our patients and taking time to listen to their needs help us develop trust. We can deliver the best care possible when we collaborate with the patient and their family on the best plan for their lifestyle.

How does your staff make health possible for patients?

While patients can still schedule appointments, we also have walk in clinic hours available every morning. The walk in clinic eliminates the stress of patients wondering if they’ll be able to be seen, and allows them to meet with a provider who knows their history.

When is a time a staff member went above and beyond for a patient?

A time that stands out is one winter when a patient showed up for an appointment without a winter coat on because he couldn’t afford one. Our staff took up a collection and went and bought him a winter coat to give him before he left our office.

Why should a patient come to your office instead of a different hospital?

When patients come to our office, they see familiar faces: doctors and nurses who live right here in this community. All our patients are treated like individuals, with genuine concern and kindness you often don’t find in other hospitals.

What innovation at Hancock or in your field are you most excited about, and what does it mean for the healthcare industry as a whole?

By referring our patients to Healthy365, they connect with staff who assist them in finding community resources. Caring for our patients means more than just medical needs, and this program allows us the opportunity to do that.

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