Gift Ideas that Support Healthy Hobbies

December 1, 2019
Are you sick of gifting socks, sweaters, or fruitcake? Tired of giving the latest games or gadgets—only to see your loved one grow distant and glassy-eyed as they sink into their latest unhealthy obsession? Instead, try thinking of presents that support your loved one’s healthiest hobbies. The holidays can be an excuse to fall into bad behaviors, so helping others stay on track with their goals just may be the best present of all.

Get Cooking

Eating healthy is an easier choice when you do the cooking. Gift an experience like cooking lessons to let your loved one explore making macarons, or help the kids in your life learn their way around the kitchen. Consider tools like a spiralizer to help make the perfect zoodles. If your loved one wants to be healthier but isn’t a chef, check out a meal subscription box to make dinners effortless. As a bonus, cooking at home saves money. That’s a win-win!

Grow a Garden

With spring around the corner, it’s never too early to encourage the gardener in your life. Gardening gets us outside and moving, leads to healthier meal choices, and offers relaxation and health benefits. For a novice, consider an introductory book to get them started. For a seasoned pro, treat them to good quality tools, gloves, and shoes. Check out this blog for the best items to plant in the spring.

Pamper Their Pet 

You can win over any pet lover with gifts for their furry friends. Pets do more than just be adorable (even though they’re plenty good at that). Owning an animal can increase serotonin and decrease blood pressure, cholesterol, and loneliness. Shy away from actually buying a pet and leave that decision for prospective pet owners to make themselves. If they already have an animal sidekick, consider cute clothes, all-natural treats, or even a pet subscription box.

Make Beautiful Music

Both listening to music and playing an instrument boost mental health. With the added stress of the holidays, this can be a much-needed gift. For those who want to learn an instrument, consider giving lessons or time with an experienced instructor. For those who would rather enjoy music than create it, there are tons of formats to choose from. The vinyl revival means records aren’t going out of style, and a subscription to Spotify or Apple Music is a win for anyone.

Hit the Books

Any bibliophile knows the benefits of reading. Reading as little as twenty pages a day can improve your empathy and cognitive health. Books give kids a break from screen time, and help adults relax. For those stressed about reaching their end-of-the-year reading goals, check out the year’s most popular books. Magazine subscriptions or graphic novels will engage even self-proclaimed “non-readers.” For the pickiest person on your list, consider a gift card to a local bookstore to let them choose their own adventure (book).

Exercise Their Fondness for Fitness 

A special gift for your exercise buff could include a variety of options. Yoga enthusiasts might require a new mat or balancing blocks. A home gym or weight gloves might work for those trying to bulk up. Runners can always use shoes or a GPS watch. Get creative and personalize the present for the kind of workout your person loves. A universal gift might be a membership to a wellness center—with types of classes for everyone. 

Whoever you’re shopping for this season, consider any creative way to support their healthy enthusiasms. Whether it’s helping them with their workout, or spoiling their pet, think outside the box this holiday season to encourage physical and mental health.

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