Four Great Reasons to do Core Exercises (Beyond Getting a Six-pack)

August 25, 2019
Maybe you’ve been vying for six-pack abs since you knew what they were, or maybe you’re just not that into a cut-up core—and that’s fine. Being healthy doesn’t mean you have to look like you spend hours at the gym and only eat grilled chicken. In fact, being happy and comfortable with our bodies is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. 

But working out your core does far more than give you a chiseled midsection: It can also improve a variety of functions and help strengthen your body overall. Here are four great reasons to add core workouts to your routine: 

Become more balanced 

Good balance means more than being able to stand on one leg for an extended period of time. Having good balance helps prevent falls, improves your posture alignment, and is a great tool to foster more coordination in general. And having a strong core is nothing but good for balance. 

To improve your overall stability, try incorporating a core workout into your routine two to three times a week that focuses on your balance. 

No equipment? No problem 

One of the best things about core exercises is that you can do them almost anywhere—and all you need is you. You don’t need to purchase dumbbells, kettle balls, or expensive machinery: Core workouts can be simple, fast, and effective, all from the comfort of your own home. 

Give your body a boost and your bank account a break and try this bodyweight workout that will not only strengthen your core, but double as an arm workout. 

Core life  

The stronger your midsection is, the easier everyday life can become. From carrying kids to hauling bags of mulch, a tight core can improve your posture, help relieve tension and lower-back issues, and help keep your spine strong. Give these six core exercises a try a few times a week to see an improvement in your overall body strength. 

More than core 

From running to walking to lifting weights, a strong core is the center of better physical ability. The more attention you focus on your abs, the better you will be at other activities and exercises. Additionally, core workouts can help you build a more flexible body, which can prevent stiffness, shin pain when walking or running, and back pain. 

On your next walk or run, try adding these moves before, after, or during to build a stronger cardio threshold. 

Whether you want abs you can wash clothes on, a toned-up midsection, or just to become more healthy overall, adding any of these workouts to your efforts will help improve your balance, cardio, and strength—and you can do it without hundreds of boring old crunches. 

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