Heart-Healthy Soups to Keep Body and Soul in Tune

February 1, 2018
Several soups displayed on a table
A home-cooked bowl of heart-healthy soup is a wonderful thing. It fills you up without overstuffing you. It’s typically low in fat and high in fiber. And because the broth stays in, soup preserves the vitamins and minerals that can disappear when you boil or steam food on its own.

Plus, it smells and tastes fantastic—not only on the day you make it, but every time you heat it up again.

Try the delicious ideas below, or seek out the healthy soups that sound good to you. And because cooking is more fun with some sweet tunes, we’ve included a few music suggestions to accompany you.

Amazon Bean Soup with Winter Squash and Greens

This North American twist on a Brazilian soup is a medley of colors and flavors, low in fat and cholesterol. It’s gluten-free, but rich in fiber and protein. A perfect soup to prepare while unwinding with a playlist of your favorite sambas.

Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup

The leeks and nutmeg in this soup bring the bright, sweet flavors of the butternut squash and carrot beautifully into focus. Fresh tarragon may not always be easy to come by, but don’t let the want of one garnish stop you from enjoying this low-fat, low-sodium soup whenever the mood strikes. Prepare while listening to some combo of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and/or Young to remind you that lacking one or two great ingredients doesn’t always mean calling off the party.

Chicken and Quinoa Soup

This high-protein, low-fat soup is inspired by Cajun cooking, so adjust the heat to your palate by adding less (or more) of the Cajun seasoning. The chicken and the spice make it a great soup for those battling cold and sinus symptoms, too. Bonus points (and bonus sweat) for dancing to a little Clifton Chenier while stirring up this spicy soup.

Leek and Pea Soup

This low-fat, high-protein leek and pea soup is great hot or cold, which means you can enjoy it in any season, but its bright green color and flavor are especially welcome when the weather is gray and cold. Speaking of green, we suggest creating your own green-themed mix to listen to while preparing this soup. Does Green Day pair well with The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society? Only one way to find out.

Lemony Lentil Soup

Lemon and lentils give this nutrient- and fiber-rich soup its oomph. Kale and garlic give it an extra-healthy kick. While we’re tempted to team this lemony soup with author Lemony Snicket’s band, The Gothic Archies, the truth is, this soup has more of a Supremes sort of flavor.

When it comes to soup and music, we find it’s best to follow your heart.

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