How to Declutter for Peace and Well-Being

January 23, 2018
High angle view of contents of an office drawer
Clutter in our homes often feels like more than an unsightly mess or a tripping hazard. It can seem like chaos incarnate: the disorganization and disarray of our lives in physical form. To get rid of the unneeded and unwanted—to declutter, in other words—can uncover the space and order in our lives. Which can be not just a relief, but beneficial for our mental and physical well-being as well.

To make it as easy and painless as possible, decluttering experts recommend taking an organized approach to the process. They suggest using four boxes (literally or figuratively) to assess every object in the space that you’re clearing out: keep, trash, donate, or relocate. Understanding the scope of your options can help to make your decluttering decisions easier and quicker.

To declutter effectively without losing your mind in the process, take these hints to heart:

Once you’ve got the physical mess in hand, you might want to consider applying some of these same techniques to your mental and emotional clutter, too. You’ll be surprised how much the same factors can apply!

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