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We’re Improving Representation in Health Care

June 3, 2024

Women face a very unique set of health issues—and more often than not, symptoms for these issues present very differently from men. And when women’s concerns about their health are not being heard, then their healthcare needs are more difficult to meet. That’s why Hancock Health has a network of diverse providers, including many female practitioners, all making health possible for women throughout East Central Indiana.

Men and Women’s Bodies Are Different.

There are many symptom differences between men and women, which means it’s important to hear and recognize women’s symptoms and concerns. For example, symptoms of cardiovascular trouble vary between men and women. While both can experience classic symptoms such as chest pain or shortness of breath, women have a higher likelihood of experiencing indigestion and back pain as symptoms. And, sometimes, women having a heart event may not experience chest pain at all. 

But it’s not just cardiovascular symptoms—conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, strokes, and diabetes can all present differently between men and women. 

Knowing the differences between men’s and women’s symptoms is the first step in diagnosing and treating a condition—and with more women in the doctor’s office listening to and advocating for women, these hard-to-spot symptoms can be found even quicker.

What Are We Doing?

Dr. Danielle Moster, a family medicine physician with Hancock Health, knows how important it is for women to feel heard while seeing a doctor—and she does everything she can to help all her patients feel comfortable with her. 

“Many women prefer the option to be seen by a female physician because they feel more comfortable disclosing their health concerns and questions to them,” said Dr. Moster. “You have to be able to trust your physician to listen to you and get you the care you need, and studies have shown that female physicians provide high-level care associated with improved outcomes.”

But the work doesn’t just stop with listening to women. Hancock Health offers a variety of services for women, including cancer screenings, contraception options, screenings for sexually transmitted infections, annual physicals, cancer care, and much more.

Hancock Health also has a variety of specialists, including gynecologists, oncologists, breast surgeons, plastic surgeons, and more for patients who need more specialized care.

“We do all we can to support patients through their healthcare journey,” said Dr. Moster. “If a patient is under- or uninsured, Hancock Health Foundation has funded the women’s clinic for access to these services.”

At Hancock Health, we see the complete you—and we will continue caring for the people of East Central Indiana and all their healthcare needs for many years to come.