Healthcare Tips

Men Need Regular Checkups, Too

June 3, 2024

If you’re feeling fine, then putting off that annual physical for another year seems like no big deal. But yearly physicals, exams, and screenings are sometimes the only opportunity to catch potential health problems early—which makes them vital to your overall health. 

Family medicine physician Dr. Shawn Moore sat down with us to give a few examples of what you might be missing if you don’t get an annual physical—and what screenings you shouldn’t miss.

The Doctor Is In—So Let’s See Them

Dr. Moore said hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease are among the most common conditions he treats in men, which makes regular heart scans and visits to an endocrinologist especially important. 

“We also spend a lot of time talking about mental health, sleep, optimal nutrition and exercise, and other preventive health issues,” he added. “Regular meetings with your physician can help uncover health issues that, if left unidentified, can lead to complications.” 

Dr. Moore suggested a regular physical, routine blood work, and blood pressure monitoring in addition to regular cancer screenings as recommended depending on your age. And, according to Dr. Moore, those cancer screenings aren’t something to ignore, either. 

“The majority of colorectal cancer is diagnosed in men and women with no symptoms and no family history. This is an especially important point since colorectal cancer occurrences are increasing, and affecting men and women at younger ages than before,” said Dr. Moore. “Similarly, in many instances, there are no symptoms in men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer. This makes screening all the more important.” 

Dr. Moore also recommended speaking directly to your doctor about what screenings are recommended for you. Some factors, such as age, family history, and ethnicity influence what screenings are appropriate for your needs. 

Whatever screenings you may need, Hancock Health is here for you. Talk to your primary care provider, and get scheduled for a physical.