Healthcare Tips

Kids Are Home for Summer Break—Here’s How Hancock Health Keeps Them Healthy

June 3, 2024

Summer break doesn’t have to mean summer breaks—after all, there’s no better way to ruin a fun day in the sun than an injury. But in the event you need immediate care for injuries or minor illnesses, or an MRI, X-ray, or other low-cost labs and imaging services, or you just need a place to access your primary care provider without taking your kids to several different offices, Gateway Hancock Health is ready for you. 

Less Time in Waiting Rooms Means More Time in the Sun

We get it. Even if it wasn’t summer break, nobody wants to spend hours in a hospital waiting room for a quick appointment. And in summer, when your kids are itching to get back to their summer break, that waiting can feel even worse. That’s why Gateway’s immediate care is actually immediate.

Plus, we have everything all in one place, so you don’t have to go looking for service across our network. Primary care providers are available by appointment, and our low-cost labs and imaging will help you get the results you need quickly. With all these services on one accessible campus, you can rest easy this summer. No matter what adventures your family has, Gateway is here to help you get back to the fun quickly, and spend less time waiting in a lobby.