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The Vital Role of Hancock Health Volunteers

April 25, 2024

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month and a great time to bring gratitude and awareness to all our amazing Hancock Health volunteers! Most people don’t think of volunteers when they think of a health system. However, volunteers play a crucial role in our ability to provide a host of quality healthcare services. The best part? YOU can help make a difference, too!

Volunteers make a positive impact at Hancock Health

Any time you volunteer to help in your community, you are going to make a difference and the same is true about helping out at our hospital campus. Volunteers have various responsibilities, including making patients feel a warm welcome.

Volunteer Services Manager, Kim Kelley, loves her job, helping to coordinate volunteers so they can make a positive impact. “It’s a joy and an honor to work alongside the volunteers and staff here at Hancock Health. I love the connections that are made and the involvement we have in our community. Our department plays a vital role in the patient experience. I’m so thankful to be in a position that allows us to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Whether someone is a patient or visitor, coming to the hospital can be a difficult experience. Some may be visiting a loved one who is sick or coming in to get help themselves. This is where volunteers matter most and where a warm welcome can mean the difference between someone feeling sad or scared and someone feeling cared for. Kelley says that if she and the volunteers she manages “are able to help make someone’s day a little less worrisome and possibly even brighter, we have succeeded in our role.”

Do you have time to help?

Hancock is constantly seeking new volunteers to fill roles in the cancer center, gift shop, mail room, as transporters, at information desks and more. “Many people believe that volunteering is only for seniors,” said Kelley, however we have many students both in high school and college who volunteer on a regular basis. Some of our younger volunteers aspire to enter the medical field and appreciate the experience it has to offer.”

Regardless of age or background, you can make a difference in our community’s health and happiness!

With a variety of openings throughout the hospital and many schedules to choose from, volunteering with Hancock Health is an easy and effective way to give back and make a difference. Anyone 15 years or older is welcome to complete an online application. Once received, you will get an email with detailed information and upcoming orientation dates.

We want to make sure our volunteers are supported as well. Besides the joy found in volunteering and giving back to others, choosing to help out on Hancock’s campus brings other benefits, including:

This April, we say, “Thank you!” to all the volunteers who joyfully give from their hearts in order to help our patients and community thrive. If you are looking for ways to give back this year, come and join our community today!