Mental Well-Being

Hancock Health Chaplains are Here to Help Staff Thrive

March 29, 2024

Working in healthcare can be a difficult task, and it’s not just because of the night shifts. When you choose to become a doctor, nurse, surgeon, or other medical health provider, you are also choosing to come face-to-face with the trappings of being human. While recovery and inspirational stories are a part of your daily work life, so are illness and death. Knowing this, the Hancock Health chaplains are here not only when our patients need guidance, but also when our staff needs someone to turn to.

Hancock Health chaplains help patients and staff alike

“Working in healthcare comes with living the human experience that comes with your own life while also showing up to be a caring, compassionate person for others. That can be a hard balance. Chaplains provide support for patients during difficult times. We are also available to provide a listening ear and support to staff,” says Laura Baker ,associate chaplain for Hancock Health. The chaplains do this by providing an open-door policy to staff in which they can stop by anytime or make an appointment when needed. “During that time, we listen and assist them in connecting to what is helpful in times of struggle. We also help them find the next steps to additional support if needed such as advocating on their behalf or additional counseling.”

Baker and the other chaplains specifically connect with new employees to make sure they are feeling welcomed. She knows the struggle of starting a new job, what new stressors that can bring into one’s life and reaches out to check-in. They also check up on seasoned staff members, making rounds to help those who have been caring for end-of-life, code blue or other unique and difficult patient-provider interactions. Sometimes, staff need a place to process moments of their workday, and they can be connected easily with the chaplains or CISM team, who can help with any ongoing support. Grief support is also provided through the gift of a remembrance box.

Spiritual care on your own terms

The beautiful thing about Hancock Health Chaplaincy is that they offer a wide variety of help to patients and staff with all backgrounds and beliefs. Chaplains are there to help people connect with whatever guides them, and they know that this may be different for every individual they encounter. The hospital chapel provides a place for reflection, support and more for staff, patients, and visitors. Staff themselves may enjoy a few moments of quiet in the space of the chapel before returning to the hustle and bustle of their workday.

Chaplains aren’t just for those who are dying

Sometimes, we may think that calling a chaplain remains only for those dire times when one may be close to leaving this earth. However, chaplains provide a robust support for every facet of human life, from birth to death and everything in between. Whether a patient or staff is just having a difficult moment, or they are experiencing an overwhelmingly tough situation, Hancock Health’s chaplains are available to provide specialized and focused spiritual care.

Helping advocate for patient and staff wellbeing and providing a space for them to connect to their source of strength is a profound way in which chaplains are changing lives daily. Baker and her team are humbled by the impact they can make in the lives of others, simply through providing them with spiritual insight during times of need.

Whether you are a patient, visitor or staff member at Hancock Health, our chaplains are here to guide you and provide a listening ear