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ACE Interface Training

January 15, 2024

New for 2024, Hancock Health Connection Center is launching ACE Interface Training. ACE stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences.

“We are excited to launch ACE Interface Training as it helps us to understand how trauma experienced in early childhood, even in utero, affects our brain development and how our body responds to stress,” said Amanda Hinkle, Hancock Health Local Systems Coordinator. “We may feel like there is no hope or that our past is our destiny, but this training teaches us that we all can do something to improve health and resilience in ourselves and others.”

ACE Interface Trainings are a FREE 2-hour training (available upon request) that offers a proven educational framework about the ACE study, along with neurobiology that explains why ACEs have so much effect in people’s lives, and what we can all do to dramatically improve health and resilience for this and future generations.  

ACE study findings represent a paradigm shift in human understanding of the origins of physical, social, mental, and societal health, and well-being. Leading causes of disease and disability, learning and productivity problems, and early death have their roots in the cumulative neurodevelopmental impacts of ACEs. 

ACE Interface provides a bridge and connecting point for multiple disciplines and service sectors and diverse communities.

Become a leader in the most important public health movement of our time:

To learn more or request an ACE Interface Training, please call the Hancock Health Connection Center at 317-468-4231 or email

April 23rd Training

August 28th Training

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