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How to Keep Your Prescription Medications Safe and Secure

December 18, 2023

If you are one of the millions of Americans taking prescription medications, you might already know how to safely store them. If you don’t, we have some tips for you that will help to ensure both your safety and the safety of others in your household. 

Prescription medications require proper storage

Medications may seem like the magic bullet for many of the diseases and illnesses we face. If you want them to work in the way they are supposed to, however, ensuring that they are properly stored is key. For instance, did you know that some medications are sensitive to temperature and light? And all prescription medications should be kept in hard-to-reach places away from children and pets. Follow these tips below and you can rest well knowing your meds are safe and secure: 

Get the temp right

Like most of us humans, medications like to be stored at a comfortable temperature. This is somewhere in the range of 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit and helps them to keep their integrity intact. Always read your medication bottle to ensure that it does not require refrigeration. Furthermore, if you plan to take a trip and won’t have access to a refrigerator or the proper temperature for a length of time, speak to your provider or pharmacist to learn their recommendations specific to your medication. 

Keep them away from kids 

Many of us know about this one and may even worry about our children or grandchildren finding meds. And our worries are within reason … almost half of all poison control center calls are due to poisoning in children from prescription medications. Here are some ways to easily prevent this and give you some peace of mind: 

Monitor expiration dates 

Keeping all of your medications in one place (whenever possible) will help make checking expiration dates easy. Set a calendar reminder to check monthly to ensure that you aren’t taking any expired medications, as they may not work as well after the date listed on their container.  

Keep medications in proper containers 

Certain prescription medications may be sensitive to light, which is why it is important to keep them in the containers they come in from your pharmacy. Store medications in a cool, dry, dark place such as a cabinet to ensure they are not tampered by the light. 

Following these tips will help you to properly store all your prescription medications. Remember, any time you have questions about a medication, you should speak to your Hancock Health provider or your pharmacist.  

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