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Does Diet Affect Hot Flashes?

December 4, 2023

So, you have reached menopause and are experiencing the dreaded hot flashes? These commonly signal the huge hormonal shift that comes with this time in a woman’s life. However, just because they are common, you don’t need to endure without trying to lessen their discomfort. In fact, there may some easy dietary changes that could leave you feeling free of this irritating menopausal symptom. 

Can a change in diet help your hot flashes?

It will probably come as no shock that most of the foods that tend to trigger hot flashes are also foods that should be consumed only in moderation anyway. Dietary changes can be difficult to put into place, especially if they include eliminating or cutting down on favorite foods. In the end, however, paying attention to which foods trigger hot flashes or other discomfort in your body is a great way to find a balanced diet that works for YOU. 

What happens during menopause? 

Although it is important to eat a well-balanced diet throughout your life, menopause is an especially sensitive time for a woman’s overall health. Diet should be taken into consideration to ensure you are getting the proper nutrients. As estrogen declines, women tend to gain weight and lose muscle mass. This can also lead to a loss in bone density. During menopause, women become more susceptible to heart disease, hypertension, and insulin resistance. 

Even more reason to introduce nutrient dense foods into the diet if they aren’t there already! Here are some foods that are great for women as they hot flash their way through menopause: 

Here is what foods and beverages you should try to avoid:

You know it would be coming … these foods tend to make hot flashes worse so either remove them from your diet or cut down on them to help curb the discomfort. 

Although menopause can’t be avoided, making a few dietary changes can give you the best outcome. Eating a nutrient dense diet rich in vitamins and minerals is an important key to helping you stay healthy through one of life’s biggest transitions! 

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