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Suburban Hospice: Spreading Kindness, One Person at a Time

October 13, 2023

When it comes to death, people have a myriad of different reactions. Whether you are the ill person or the family and friends, death is never an easy transition. That is why it is important to feel supported as you go through the process or watch a loved one nearing the end of their life. Suburban Hospice is an incredible resource and support for Hoosier families experiencing loss.

Suburban Hospice ensures the highest quality of life possible in the last six months of life

Their tagline, “Kindness. One person at a time,” is not just a string of pretty words. The employees of Suburban Hospice live out this kindness in everyday moments, helping the terminally ill and their loved ones to feel cared for and reassured during what tends to be a very vulnerable time. Executive Director, Jeannie Crowe, says, “I am most proud that this team of nurses, nurse practitioners, doctors, chaplains, aides, and social workers really loves their work and loves their patients and families. They sincerely feel called to this work, and it shows in how our patients and families experience their care.”

What is hospice care and who needs it?

Hospice refers to the care one receives when nearing the end of life, usually in the last six months. Those in hospice care are no longer receiving treatments to help terminal illnesses, but instead have turned to comfort measures to help them feel as soothed as possible. This can mean helping with symptoms such as pain, nausea, fatigue, anxiety and more. Turning to hospice care is never an easy process because it comes with the knowing that one’s life is ending, but skilled nurses can make all the difference in providing a safe and relaxing environment. 

Hospice doesn’t just mean administering medications, though. At Suburban Hospice, it can also include personal care and assistance, cleaning and tidying, nutritional counseling, having a simple chat or even just checking in to make sure everything is okay. For terminally ill patients and their families, having access to a registered nurse can also give some peace of mind when questions or issues arise. Hospice workers provide spiritual and emotional support to both the terminally ill and their loved ones as well as bereavement support.

For the caregivers who need respite

If you have ever cared for a sick loved one, you know the toll it can take. It can be exhausting to juggle meds, needs and worries. Suburban Hospice is a wonderful provider for families who have a terminally ill loved one because they offer respite services to help with some or all of the work. They even offer five-day respite stays in skilled nursing facilities so family members can have an extended breather and still maintain peace of mind. 

At Hancock Health in Greenfield, Suburban Hospice offers both respite and general inpatient care in a special unit designed to provide excellent end-of-life care in a setting that feels like home. Although hospice can happen in extended care facilities and on an inpatient basis, home seems to be the best option for most who are going through the end-of-life transition, which is why many patients of Suburban Hospice opt for home visits and care.

For more information on Suburban Hospice and the work they do right here at Hancock Health, you can visit their website or head to our in-patient hospice page

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