Mental Well-Being

Giving Up on Perfection

October 23, 2023

We spend a lot of time trying to be perfect. We want to be the perfect parent, the perfect employee, the perfect child, the perfect role model, caretaker, traveler—the list goes on and on. But seeking perfection won’t lead you to happiness—in fact, it’s more likely to just stress you out. The good news is you don’t need to be the best. Sometimes, you simply need to be.

Be Mindful.

If you’ve been spending your time trying to be absolutely perfect, then chances are you’re feeling way more stressed than usual. Take the opportunity to get back in touch with yourself—the real you, not the version you feel like you need to be all the time. Wind down when you’re feeling overwhelmed, and start your day off right by looking inward. Take the time to do activities you enjoy, making space for yourself in your busy schedule.

Don’t Let the Progress of Others Negate Your Self Worth

It can be all too easy to look at the people around us and compare ourselves to what they’re doing. Maybe a coworker got a promotion before you did, or a friend of yours is having another baby and seems to always have their life together. Remember that what we see on the surface is rarely the whole truth, and everyone is facing their own unique struggles. Whatever you might be feeling about the “perfect” people around you, we promise it is seldom true. 

If you’re feeling burnt out on constantly trying to overachieve, try setting a few reasonable goals for yourself. This can be a great way to still feel like you’re making progress and getting closer to the best version of yourself without getting caught up in achieving perfection. 

Perfection isn’t universal. The best version of yourself might look different than somebody else’s best version of themself. What’s important is that you’re happy, and content with the life you’re living. So stay mindful of your own feelings, and remember you’re making progress in your own way, exactly how you’re supposed to.