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In Dark Times, You Are Not Alone

September 11, 2023

Cancer. It’s a word nobody wants to hear, especially when it applies to you or a loved one. But even though this time can be scary, you don’t have to go through it alone. Hancock Health is here to support you, from diagnosis to treatment to recovery and beyond.

What to expect when the unexpected happens.

At Hancock Health, you won’t just be getting excellent treatment from an accredited cancer care facility—you’ll also be surrounded by an atmosphere of warmth and healing designed to make your fight against cancer as smooth as possible. Our Sue Ann Wortman Cancer Center is convenient and accessible, with relaxing treatment environments where you can spend time with friends and family while receiving chemotherapy. You will also be offered complimentary lunch on the day of treatment, an after-lunch support group, art therapy, nutritional guidance, and other resources to help you through this difficult time. 

Our relationship with the Mayo Clinic Care Network also means you’re getting expert care from not just the highly capable physicians of Hancock Health, but we also have access to the resources of the Mayo Clinic, bringing you the wonderful care you deserve when you need it most in your fight against cancer.  

Plus, Hancock Health offers a boutique where we can help you feel more like yourself after receiving cancer treatment. If you’ve undergone a mastectomy or are experiencing hair loss, the Hancock Regional Boutique has clothing options, wigs, prosthetics, and more to help you adjust to your body’s changes.

Long-lasting support, no matter what.

Hancock Health cancer support begins before you even get sick. Our Women Helping Women campaign through the Hancock Health Foundation aims to provide support to women battling cancer, and offers resources for underinsured or uninsured women, giving them everything they need to battle cancer. The program is also designed to help offset the cost of mammograms and other preventative tools, improving treatment outcomes for women across Hancock County. 

No matter what stage of treatment you’re in, Hancock Health is here to support you every step of the way. For more information, call (317) 468-4600.