Healthcare Tips

Keeping Your Kids Healthy During the School Year

August 21, 2023

Like clockwork, many parents experience their kids coming home with a runny nose, fever, and coughing at the beginning of every school year. Or perhaps your child played a little too rough at recess and got a scraped knee. While illness or injury aren’t completely preventable, there are ways to help boost your child’s immune system and lower their risk of catching the sniffles, and help them heal in the event they get hurt.

And if your child does happen to get sick, or if something else unexpected happens, then Gateway Hancock Health is here to support you and your little ones.

For Fighting Off the Germs

If it’s flu prevention you’re worried about, try these tips to keep your kids healthy at the start of the school year—and through every season to come: 

Frequent hand washing. This one may seem like a no-brainer, but even if your children wash their hands after using the restroom, they may not realize the value of washing them at other times. Frequent cleaning keeps the germs at bay, and lets you have a bit more peace of mind before sending your kiddos back to school. 

A healthy diet. Along with having a whole host of other benefits, a healthy and balanced diet loaded with fruits and vegetables will boost your child’s immunity, making them less likely to contract illnesses throughout the school year but especially during the vulnerable first months back. 

Get your flu shot. It might feel strange to get a flu shot when it isn’t technically flu season, but a simple shot will help your child stay healthy and in school for longer, so they don’t get sick and fall behind early in the year. Gateway Hancock Health offers flu shots as part of its immediate care facility. 

Reduce stress. Even kids can get stressed out, especially when thinking about going back to school. Trying to keep stress to a minimum will help their bodies stay protected from potential colds and viruses they may otherwise be prone to getting when returning to school.

But What if My Child Isn’t Just Sick?

We never want to think about our child getting hurt while at school, but sometimes, accidents happen. Whether they scrape their knee or need an X-ray for a potential break, Gateway Hancock Health has the services available to see you and your family quickly and at a lower cost than other facilities. In fact, on average, our prices are 70% lower than a similar test at a hospital. 

So if your child has a problem, don’t wait. Walk-ins are welcome at Gateway, and we’re ready to help with whatever you or your child may need. Have a healthy and safe school year!