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What’s Your Pet Match?

June 20, 2023

Have you ever heard of the phrase “She’s a dog person?” What does “being a dog or cat person” mean? And how do you know which one you are?  

You probably understand by now that people have many varying personalities and preferences. Maybe your favorite things to do aren’t the same as your best friend. And maybe what makes you feel cozy and warm inside is different than what your older brother prefers. These varying preferences are part of what helps to make up a person’s personality. And our pets have preferences too! 

Do pets have personalities? 

Many pet owners would agree that their pets have a personality all their own. In fact, researchers at Michigan State University found that dogs often take on the same personality traits as their owner. How is that for bonding with your pet?  

That being said, different species of animals have different traits all together. If you have a dog, for instance, you probably know that when you walk in the door, your pet will run up to you with a wagging tail ready to play. If you are a cat owner, however, you have realized that your cat is more of a quiet creature when it comes to saying hi and might not even give you the time of day if they don’t feel like it.  

So yes, dogs, cats and other animals can exhibit different personality traits. And, if someone claims to be a “dog person,” we assume that they probably share some of the same personality traits of their pet.  

Curious as to which pet YOUR personality matches with? Check out our short quiz below! 

1. Which would you rather do? 

a. Play with all the kids in the neighborhood in one big game of tag 

b. Play a quiet game with one or two friends 

2. Which of these describes you at school? 

a. I love to talk to people and join groups 

b. I prefer to be quiet and observe others 

3. When you have a problem to solve do you … 

a. Dive right in hoping to solve it quickly 

b. Hold back for a little bit but let your curiosity lead the way 

Check out your results! 

If you answered mostly “A” to these questions, you are a dog person! 

Being a dog person means you are more likely to be energetic, lively, and outgoing. You might even consider yourself extroverted, meaning you really enjoy being around others. You are persistent and follow the rules when going after what you want. 

If you answered mostly “B” then you are more of a cat person! 

You are curious, on the sensitive side and open-minded. You have a few friends that you love and are loyal to those around you. You are probably more on the introverted side of things, meaning you enjoy quiet time alone or with fewer people versus loud places.  

You don’t have to be just one of these options, though! Remember this is quiz is just for fun! Personalities are always changing and, in some situations, you might feel like a dog person, but in others you might feel like a cat person. It is fun to be able to step into both roles and try them on in order to understand yourself and your pet better!