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Make a Pet Rock!

June 24, 2023

Don’t have a pet? Or maybe you do, and you want another one, but your parents are saying it would be too much extra work? Don’t settle for a no. Make your own pet instead! These adorable pet rocks can be your companion during homework, bedtime and more. 

1. Find yourself a rock (or two or three…) 

Next time you are at the park with your grownup, see if you can find a smooth rock about the size of your hand or smaller. Some other great places to look include your driveway and yard, the woods (especially along trails), or next to a body of water such as a river or lake. Take a look at the shape of the rocks you fine. Could you imagine them as a ladybug? What about a turtle or a cat?  

It doesn’t matter what color your rock is because you will soon be painting it! 

2. Get out your supplies 

Acrylic paints, glue, googly eyes and even felt for trimming into tails and ears are great things to have on hand for this project. You may also want to spread out a newspaper, cut up paper bag or a large piece of paper to set your rock(s) on while painting. 

The sky is the limit for this craft, so get creative with it! Remember to allow paint to dry before attaching any eyes, tails or ears to your pet rock and always ask your grownup’s permission! 

3. Show us your rocks! 

Have a cool new rock pet to show off? Just tag us on Instagram @HancockHealthNetwork so we can see all of your cool Boomerang creations!