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Why It’s Not Too Late to Get Your Flu Vaccine

November 30, 2022
Doctor giving a small girl a shot in the arm.

As the temperatures have dropped, cold and flu symptoms have become more prevalent throughout the community. If you haven’t yet gotten your flu shot, you may be wondering if it’s already too late to get one.

We have good news for you: It’s never too late to get your flu vaccine.

What does the flu shot actually do?

The flu shot protects against illness, hospital visits, and, in extreme cases, death. Not only does it protect against the flu, but it also has been proven to help those with chronic illnesses. For example, if you have heart disease, you are more likely to develop complications from the flu. Some research has proven that yearly flu shots lower your risk of heart attack.

But what’s the point?

Maybe you’re thinking since flu season is already in full swing, there’s no point in getting a shot now. The truth is, flu season lasts well beyond the frigid end-of-year months, and when the new year rolls around, you might be stuck dealing with illness that a simple flu shot could have prevented.

Flu viruses are constantly changing. So even if you feel like there may be no reason to get a vaccine this late in the season, it’s still good to get one so you have that added protection. While some people who get the flu vaccine may get sick anyway, the symptoms are seriously lessened thanks to the vaccination.

A flu shot still has plenty of protection to offer, so don’t wait. Take advantage of this helpful vaccination to prevent illness today.

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