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New to the Hancock Health Team: Dr. Ismail Qattash, Nephrology

November 2, 2022
A photo of Doctor Qattach in front of an orange background.

When it comes to patient health, Hancock Health specialists are a vital part of our healthcare team. They provide in-depth knowledge and skills for managing or treating disease. 

Nephrology is the study of conditions affecting the kidneys. With millions of people every year undergoing treatment for chronic kidney disease or injury, we are pleased to welcome nephrologist Ismail Qattash, M.D. to Hancock Health.

A specialty in need of skilled physicians

While many people don’t know it, your kidneys are more likely to fail than your liver and other organs. This is because kidney disease can be a side effect from other common, chronic conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Dr. Qattash became interested in the study of nephrology while in medical school and never looked back. For him, the depth of knowledge required to understand the body and its various bodily systems enticed him from the beginning. As a nephrologist, Dr. Qattash finds it vital to “look at the patient as a whole and pay attention to many details,” something he is very passionate about.

When searching for a place to call home for himself and his family, Dr. Qattash chose Hancock Health because of the present need for doctors who understand kidney disease. He saw a hole that needed to be filled, and he rose to the challenge.

But that’s not all

Dr. Qattash doesn’t just focus on nephrology. When it comes to patient experience at Hancock Health, he brings his passion to the position of hospitalist. A hospitalist is concerned with managing day-to-day care and helping patients at Hancock Regional Hospital. He diagnoses and treats conditions while also performing medical procedures within his scope of practice. In this way, he is in touch with patients who are in dire need of a knowledgeable physician. 

When Dr. Qattash isn’t busy making rounds or treating patients, he enjoys spending time with his family. He is active in the community along with his wife and three children. They often travel to Jordan to see their extended family. 

Passionate, caring doctors are what Hancock Health is known for. Dr. Qattash brings not only knowledge within the field of nephrology, but also a caring bedside manner that can help patients feel comfortable even when they are facing a difficult disease.