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Wordle Schmirdle … Other Puzzles and Word Games to Stimulate That Brain

July 21, 2022

Wordle … it seems to be the word of the moment. Have you tried this short, addicting word game? We don’t know whether the draw is in the guessing, sharing results with friends, or the collective terror of guessing the word “MOIST,” but whatever the case, it has become all the rage. 

Some people are quite over the Wordle fad already, but still want to exercise their brains. Others want more than just one short word puzzle a day. Some may have lost family members and friends from accidentally leaking the Wordle word before everyone else had the chance to play. No matter who you are or where you are in your Wordle journey, check out these fun puzzles for a chance to level up your mental stamina.

Master the words

Want something that is like Wordle but gives you endless puzzles? Try Word Master on for size. Just like our friend, Wordle, you get six tries to guess a five-letter word. Letters that appear green are in the correct place, letters that appear yellow are in the puzzle but in the wrong location, and letters that appear gray are not supposed to be there. It sounds easy, but give it a try and you might find yourself sweating over five simple letters.

Have some Words with Friends

If it is the collective fun of the Wordle you are after, try Words with Friends. This Scrabble-style game is played with a group of your choosing, or you can play strangers in matchmaking mode. You can also play solo if you want to sharpen your skills before competing with others.

Guessing games

If you would like to play a few different formats of various short word guessing games, then check out Word Guess. You can play it crossword style, Wordle style and more. Best of all? It’s free and you have unlimited puzzles you can try to master.

Silliness wins

Want something that is so absurd and fun that even your kids will want to try their hand at spelling? Kitty Letter is a word game from the creators of Exploding Kittens, so if you have fans of ridiculousness in your home, this is a must try. You are given five letters to begin and must make as many words as possible. In the meantime, your neighbor is sending you gifts from across the street, things like kittens, fire and more. You must spell words to protect yourself. Absurd.

No more words

Have you had enough of word guessing games? Then try out these fun puzzle challenges to sharpen your skills without going crazy over the alphabet. 

No matter what you are looking for, the app store has something for you. Wordle fans, keep wordling, but know that there are other ways to sharpen your skills. And for those who are giving up on finding that five letter word, you are not alone. Find a way to sharpen your brain and have some fun with word and puzzle games, plugged right into your smartphone.

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