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Hancock Health is Now a Mayo Clinic Care Network Member

July 28, 2022

Known as the world leader in medicine, Mayo Clinic was founded more than 150 years ago on the principle that more minds are better than one when it comes to finding medical answers. The Mayo Clinic Care Network is a select, carefully-vetted group of independent health systems that are granted special access to Mayo Clinic’s ever-increasing knowledge and resources—and on June 29, 2022, Hancock Health was honored to become part of that group.

There are plenty of independent hospitals out there. What attracted Mayo Clinic to Hancock Health?

We went through a rigorous (and we do mean rigorous) review process. Finally, based on our quality scores, and our performance ratings from entities like The Leapfrog Group, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) and others, Mayo Clinic decided that we demonstrated a commitment to the highest quality, patient-centered care. That’s a pretty good compliment, coming from an internationally known medical leader.

What exactly is the relationship between Hancock Health and Mayo Clinic now?

Mayo Clinic calls it a ‘clinical collaboration,” which basically just means that we work together for patients’ benefit. We weren’t purchased, we didn’t merge, and we’re just as independent as we ever were—but now, our doctors can consult with Mayo Clinic specialists when necessary.

How does a Mayo Clinic Care Network membership benefit patients?

Hancock Health doctors are experts—but sometimes, even experts run into situations they haven’t seen before. When that happens, our physicians have the option of asking a Mayo Clinic specialist for advice on a patient’s diagnosis or treatment, through a tool called eConsults. Patients don’t pay any more for that service—and that’s only one of the benefits that Mayo Clinic Care Network membership offers.

There’s a lot more to know about our membership—but ultimately, its purpose is to give our doctors support whenever they need it, and to make health possible for patients in East Central Indiana. In other words: working with Mayo Clinic can help us work wonders for you.