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Firework Safety Tips That’ll Help Make Your Independence Day a Sparkling Success

July 1, 2022

Most people love fireworks shows. Whether you’re celebrating in your backyard, watching the neighborhood block party light it up, or experiencing a community show with all the bells and whistles, fireworks rarely disappoint.

However, it’s good to keep your fireworks celebration from getting too explosive. Here are some safety tips that may spark your interest.

Supervise the little ones

Even relatively harmless consumer fireworks such as smoke bombs or sparklers can cause burns if not handled properly. We recommend keeping a close watch over your children while they play with sparklers or other handheld pyrotechnics. Additionally, older children should still have close adult supervision. Fireworks should never be pointed at another person.

If it’s in the sky, let it fly

All pyrotechnic play should take place outside in large, open areas. That means no launching fireworks from the cover of your garage, and no playing with sparklers or confetti poppers inside the house. Let the fireworks do what they do best: light up the dark backdrop of the night sky.

What to do when the fun is done

After you light your firework, don’t stick around to watch it explode. Back away quickly before it launches, and when the firework has finished igniting, douse it in water before throwing it away to avoid a fire in your trash bin. Also, never try to pick up or reignite fireworks that have not gone off properly, as they can be unpredictable and dangerous.

Overall, the most important thing to do when handling fireworks is practice common sense. We hope these tips have ins-pyro-d you to have fun while staying safe. Happy Fourth of July!