Mental Well-Being

May Is Mental Health Month, and Hancock County Has Your Back

May 2, 2022

Mental health should not be taken lightly. Many Hoosiers experienced extraordinary stress these last two years; many more have walked around for years untreated for a previously diagnosed illness. It’s time to get real with this illness. May is Mental Health Month, and our goal at Hancock Health is to ensure that all our residents are aware of the myriad resources available to them in times of turmoil.

Mental illness is a health threat

Most of us know how to care for a person who is physically suffering, but when it comes to helping someone with mental illness, we often fly blind. One important thing to remember is that if you or someone you love is suffering, you are not alone. One in five U.S. adults and more than 8% of kids under 18  struggle with mental illness.  It’s time for our youth and adults suffering at the hands of abuse, depression, and anxiety to find help.

Hancock County has the resources

Healthy365 was established in 2016 in conjunction with Hancock Regional Hospital with the goal of promoting health, happiness, and wholeness in Hancock County. No matter your health need, Healthy365 has support navigators to guide you to the right place. Not only is this true for those seeking a primary care doc or a new OBGYN but also for residents who need mental health assistance. 

A team of navigators within Healthy365 is waiting to help those who come to them with issues related to drug abuse, depression, anxiety, and much more. They will guide you through the health system to find a doctor, psychiatrist, or therapist who matches your needs. It makes sense to have such a soft handoff, when many people who have a mental illness are also struggling with being overwhelmed and a heightened sense of vulnerability.

Healthy365 also offers a variety of initiatives and support groups, such as 5-4-3-2-1 to help kids understand a healthy lifestyle, a COVID hotline, financial guidance, events like the Hancock Flat 50, the Indiana Healthy Community Initiative, QPR training, and more. All of these go hand in hand with ensuring that residents of Hancock County can feel whole on the inside and out, which contributes to better mental health.

It will take even more than this

Residents of Hancock County will find even more resources to help them during dark and difficult times, such as the Hancock Health Foundation’s Mental Health Campaign. HHF has committed to raising $3.5 million to fund critical support and resources within our community. The rampant mental health issues within our community will take more than that, which is why HHF hopes to bring mental illness and substance abuse into the light so those who suffer feel safe to share their stories and seek the help they need.

If you or your loved one suffer from substance abuse or a mental illness, now is the time to seek help. Waiting will only create a longer tunnel of darkness from which to climb. You can trust that Healthy365 and Hancock Health’s soft hearts will be here to help turn your darkness to light. This May, share the news about Healthy365 with those you love so they can seek the resources they need.