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Life Hacks for Your Best Summer

May 20, 2022

Summer is headed our way, fellow Hoosiers! That means one thing: It is time to soak in that sunshine as much as possible before the inevitable season change. But sometimes it’s hard to relax in the sun when you have to-do lists and household tasks to manage. That’s where we come in. Thanks to TikTok, Pinterest, and the Internet in general, we have some amazing life hacks to save you time this summer, which we hope you spend by the pool, having a water balloon fight with your kids or barbequing in your backyard! 

Chill that wine faster

First things first: A nice cold glass of wine on a summer evening with friends is just the thing to help you relax and unwind. But what happens when you forget to put the bottle in the fridge? Thanks to @barchemistry on TikTok, we all know the secret to chilling a bottle three times faster: salt! That’s right! Fill an ice bucket with a mixture of water, ice, and a small bit of salt. The salt lowers the temperature, helping you get that frosty beverage into your hands sooner. 

Don’t ever peel potatoes again

Who doesn’t love a side of mashed potatoes with their grilled chicken and corn on the cob? If you’re tired of spending any minute of your summer afternoons peeling potatoes in anticipation of dinnertime, try this genius hack from @athomewithshannon on TikTok. Boil your potatoes with the skin on until they are soft. Then, shock them in a bowl of ice water. This loosens the skin so you can just peel it off with your fingers easily instead of fighting a raw potato with a veggie peeler.

Clean your messy dog

Summer is not only a time for the humans to frolic about. Chances are your furry friend will get into some big messes this season. If you need to bathe your pooch but can’t get her to sit still, enlist the help of peanut butter. Spread peanut butter on the edge of the bathtub and watch in awe as your dog becomes hyper focused on the treat while you scrub her down!

Keep the kids entertained

Next time you have a backyard barbeque, keep all the kids entertained with a good old-fashioned hunt for lightning bugs and other creepy crawlies. Give them each a glass jar covered with a square of panty hose, secured with a rubber band. Voila! A homemade bug home that will keep your youngsters occupied for hours! 

Don’t wash your patio furniture

Are you having some friends over but embarrassed of your dirty patio furniture? No worries! You don’t need to spend time scrubbing or repainting. Instead, simply fill a spray bottle with white vinegar, spritz your chairs and tables and allow to sit. This concoction removes mildew stains and also prevents mold from forming.

Water your potted plants without breaking a sweat

Free yourself from the stress of remembering when to water your plants. Drill a small hole into the cap or cork of a glass or plastic bottle. Next, fill the container with water and place it upside down with the neck of the bottle buried in the plant’s soil. This setup will leak water onto your precious plant baby and provide enough moisture during the heat of the day so you don’t need to lift a finger. 

Aaahhh, the goodness of summer. It’s just getting ready to arrive, but already we know how fast it will go. Now that you have some time-saving hacks in your life, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy that sun. And see Tip #1 for that perfectly chilled glass of wine!