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Hancock Wellness Center Spotlight: New Palestine Member Favorites

May 23, 2022

For Hancock County residents looking to gain a healthier perspective on life, Hancock Wellness Centers offer a treasure trove of resources and perks. From physician referral programs to state-of-the-art CrossFit classes, members of all levels will find help to get stronger and maintain their health. This month, we want to highlight the beautiful New Palestine location that’s full of natural light and offers tons of options for those lucky enough to call this wellness center home.

A little R&R built into every day

Members of the New Pal Hancock Wellness Center love the space’s open feeling, which allows them to take a deep breath and exhale their worries away before getting down to business. Aesthetically, this wellness center was built to help members get some time away from the fast-paced grind of modern life and come back into balance with their bodies through physical activity, mind-body classes, and more. Guests can even watch the sunrise while slipping into the pool or getting the day started on the track!

Not only is this facility built to be eye candy, it also offers members a variety of ways to truly relax and recuperate. Need a massage? You can get one here. The massage services at New Pal are accessible for members of all body types and needs. Want a spray tan? You can get that here, too. Consider this your one-stop shop for all things related to building a healthy, whole, and enjoyable life.

We’re here for the hard times, too

All Hancock Wellness Centers are medically certified facilities, meaning they have completed a lot of work to ensure that their staff is not only knowledgeable and properly trained but also professionally certified. New Pal offers programs such as physical therapy for those recovering from surgery or an injury as well as a physician referral program. This special program helps high-risk members, such as those with heart disease, obesity, or diabetes, get back on track. 

Clinical programs at New Pal are similar and offer an even wider variety of options and tailored workouts for those suffering from arthritis, Parkinson’s, cancer, and more. Personal trainers and even a registered dietician take up residence here to ensure that your health is well covered. And if you or your family member are ill, you can head to our Family Medical Practice located right inside the facility. We are accessible to all members and all levels of health and fitness.

Endless options and state-of-the-art everything

Want to try out a spin class? New Pal offers that. How about yoga, water fitness, or CrossFit? Check! No matter how you get your exercise kicks, you will find something you love at Hancock Wellness Center New Palestine. You can check out the entire list of group fitness classes here. And make sure to take advantage of the Technogym-connected equipment! Adding the  My Wellness app to your phone gets you an incredibly tailored workout and stores your stats. 

Need another reason?

As if you needed another reason to come by and visit the New Pal location, just talk to one of the 3,300 active members about the kind, caring, and skilled staff. Not only are all trainers, teachers, and staff incredibly knowledgeable, they are also certified in their areas of expertise. Plus, they bring a whopping dose of Hancock County kindness into their everyday work environment, helping our members feel truly at home here. 

There aren’t many reasons we can think of to go one more day without starting your fitness journey at the Hancock Wellness Center in New Palestine!