Mental Well-Being

Midwestern Retreats to Energize Your Soul

April 12, 2022

When it comes to getaways or personal retreats, the Midwest does not lack for locations. The benefit of taking a personal retreat close to home is that you end up enjoying even more relaxation without the hassle of trying to make your way through an airport. The Midwest offers a lot of beauty. Whether you’re searching for something during the warmer months of summer or the colder and snow-filled months of winter, be assured that there is something to satisfy your craving for time away.

Why retreat?

A retreat can be a time of solitude or a community experience. There are limitless possibilities, including increased spiritual awareness, a creativity boost, a deeper sense of peace and calm, a true break from work and screen-related everything, or even an enhanced connection with your partner. 

Taking a break from the daily grind helps you avoid burnout and gain some perspective as to what is most important to you. A true vacation, not one full of family planning, constant events and stress about travel provides incredible physical, mental and emotional benefits. Many people find it relaxing to simply soak in the quiet of nature or treat the mind to a break from the mental load we modern-day humans tend to carry.

Where to?

So, if you are looking to take a retreat, where do you start? Make a list of what you want from your experience. This helps narrow down locations. For instance, if you want to take a retreat to dive a bit deeper spiritually, a spiritual retreat center fits much better than a spa. Likewise, if you and your friends, coworkers or partner would like to enter into retreat together, look for a place that offers multiple activity options so everyone is satisfied. 

Next, decide how many days you have available for your retreat. Many retreat venues charge by the night, but some offer specials for groupings of days. Additionally, prices are usually much lower during the weekdays or less popular times of travel than weekends and during peak travel season. Do your research, set your budget, then dive into looking at the many retreat places the Midwest has to offer!

In the Hoosier state

If you want to stay here in Indiana to cut down on travel time and expenses, you have plenty of options. For spiritual or faith-based retreats, centers such as Archabbey Guest House and Retreat Center and Benedict Inn Retreat and Conference Center offer not only a connection with nature but something larger to feed your soul. Rest Ministries near Martinsville offers a sacred space for strategic withdrawal of the world so your parched soul can be replenished. Check out non-faith-based retreat centers, such as Our Haven Nature Sanctuary or Our Lady of Fatima Retreat House, if you prefer to be surrounded by beautiful Indiana wilderness. Places like these are great for immersing yourself in the quiet and solitude that is so helpful in resetting the nervous system and providing ample time for rest.

Illinois, Wisconsin and more!

If you want to venture out of state for a change of scenery, check out retreat centers that offer a variety of programming and a beautiful dose of nature to match. Many of these centers offer add-on options like bodywork, life coaching or counseling and other experiences. 

No matter where you are in life, you will benefit from bit of time for yourself in a retreat. After the past few years, with cases of stress, anxiety and depression skyrocketing due to COVID-19 and other circumstances, now is the best time to gift yourself a reset and step off the burnout train. Your body, mind and whole health will thank you!