Mental Well-Being

Bringing Nature Home

April 9, 2022

Human beings evolved to dwell in and enjoy nature, but we now have lovely and comfortable homes that keep us safe from the elements. The problem is, when we spend more time indoors, we forget about the stress relief that waits just outside our walls. Bringing natural materials and objects into our homes reminds us of the peace we feel when surrounded by nature and keeps our stress at bay. Also, by choosing renewable, natural resources for your home like jute and bamboo, you do the planet a big favor.

You can DIY that!

Online inspiration sources, like Pinterest, offer a host of natural décor, most in the form of DIY projects. This means picking up simple objects, such as stones, pinecones, feathers, shells, etc., and creating beautiful centerpieces, wall installations and other goodies for your home. There is no end to creative ideas made with Mother Nature’s various trimmings and trappings. 

DIY nature décor, such as wreaths or small vignettes featuring tokens from rambling walks make a place really feel like your own. Bringing the outdoors in also creates a sense of flow between nature made and manmade. Surrounding yourself with nature’s gifts takes the edge off of today’s stressful daily living.

Don’t skip the greens

Plants are a great way to bring the outdoors inside. Their value inside goes beyond aesthetics; they help filter the air in our homes. Who doesn’t want cleaner, safer, more breathable air? Plants also offer a lovely living decoration, and the options are endless. Gone are the days when plants needed to stay in pots. Many people enjoy trying something new and incorporate them into wall hangings, shelving and even indoor gardens.

Choose natural materials

Decorating your home with nature doesn’t stop at just adding plants or knick knacks here and there. Create a more organic feel by incorporating natural materials in your flooring, countertops, textiles, and more. Use natural stone in countertops and even flooring for a beautifully uneven and imperfect feel straight out of the earth. Wood holds warmth and creates a soft, natural feeling. You can have wood flooring, reclaimed wooden tables or doors and even wooden butcher-block countertops.

Add decorative touches to kitchens and bathrooms with backsplashes that consist of natural materials, such as stone, marble, granite and slate. Continue these little touches of nature throughout your home with fixtures that have the same feeling of the materials you are using. Rugs and textiles made of jute, wool, sisal, and organic cotton also bring the same natural feeling into your space. 

One thing is for sure: Natural home décor is all the rage right now, so you’ll find no shortage of items to create a more peaceful living environment. Start with small things here and there, swapping out materials like plastic and metal with wood, ceramic or stone instead. From there, the sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating your home to reflect the beauty of the outside world.