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Making Cancer Less Significant, One Scarf at a Time

March 22, 2022

When Marie Wright was asked to design a scarf to symbolize her journey through cancer treatment, she wasn’t sure how to approach the project at first.

Although Wright is a self-described “crafty” person, she knew her part in the Sue Ann Wortman Cancer Center’s Cancer Scarves program was going to require a lot of thought. Wright is one of four patients who helped create inspirational designs for a series of scarves that are being sold in the cancer center’s boutique.

As Wright considered what her design could be, she started thinking about the phrase “one foot in front of the other.” It’s the mantra she repeats to herself when she’s having a bad day, and it became the centerpiece of her design.

“There have been some good days and some bad days. But, you know, once you get past a couple of bad days, a good day is there. It’s not all bad,” she said. “So you’ve just gotta put one foot in front of the other and keep going.”

The art project is just one example of the methods we use to help our patients keep their cancer treatment from taking over too much of their lives. At the Sue Ann Wortman Center Center, our survivorship programming includes everything from art therapy and yoga to dietary support and wellness programs. 

“You’ve just got to find something you like to help you through it, something that helps you still feel like there’s normalcy in your life,” said Wright. “And I like scarves. I have a whole bunch of different colored ones.”

The other women’s designs are just as individual as Wright’s. There’s one with purple paisleys all over it, another with a sunset emblazoned across it, and another with a modern, geometric look.

“I like all four of them for different reasons. They are all so very unique,” said Emily Gartner, the Indianapolis-based textile artist who worked with the women to create the scarf designs. “The project turned out even better than I anticipated it turning out. I’m pretty excited.” Where you get your health care makes a difference. At Hancock Health’s Sue Ann Wortman Cancer Center, our leading-edge treatments, survivorship support programs, and convenient care options are all about helping you live your best life with cancer—until you’re living without it. If you have questions, contact us at 317-325-2273. We’ll get right back to you!