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Taking the Wrinkles Out of Time

February 16, 2022

If you’re considering wrinkle-reducing injections and think you need to find a medical spa to get them, think again. Hancock Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery offers both Botox and collagen injections.

“The injections, which are done in the practice’s Greenfield office and take just a few minutes, are most effective for people showing the first signs of aging—men and women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s,” said Dr. Sewit Amde, a double board-certified plastic surgeon. “This is a great way of touching up some of those early signs of aging.”

Dr. Amde performs the injections herself. The two types of injections she performs include:


Also known as botulinum toxin, Botox can reduce wrinkles and creases in the upper half of your face by temporarily relaxing facial muscles across your forehead, around your eyes, and between your eyebrows. Botox usually takes effect a few days after it is injected and the results last about three months.

The procedure is done with a tiny needle inserted into the area you want to have treated. No anesthetic is required, and there is no downtime. 

The treatments cost about $12 per unit and most people require 25-40 units.


Collagen injections supplement your skin’s natural collagen, and they’re used to smooth lines and hollowings on the lower half of your face, especially in your lips, cheeks, and the wrinkles around your mouth. The injections generally take effect instantly, so you can see the changes in your face while you’re still in the doctor’s office. The effects of the injections last about a year.

“I love doing collagen because you’re literally almost micro-sculpting some areas on the face and seeing immediate results,” said Dr. Amde. “I usually do one half of the face and show my patients in the mirror, so they can see the difference from the other side. Then, I do the other side.” 

This procedure is also performed with a tiny needle, inserted into the area you want to have treated. No anesthetic is required, though Dr. Amde said she sometimes numbs lips before she injects them. Following the procedure, you might appear a little swollen, but any swelling usually disappears in a couple of days. 

The treatments cost about $600 per syringe and most people require one syringe per area of the face they want to have treated. 

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in learning more about our wrinkle-reducing procedures or if you’re tired of driving across the city to get yours, contact us at Hancock Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. If you want to know more about the plastic surgeries Dr. Amde performs, check out our surgical website at or contact us directly.