The Lily Pad, 8.2.21

August 2, 2021

Monday Motivation

“Do what you gotta do so you can do what you wanna do.”

  -Denzel Washington 


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Making Health Possible

DYK that you can find all kinds of exercise ideas, recipes, motivational stories, and advice at You’ll want to check it out when you’re looking for new ways to get healthy and stay healthy—or whenever you need a little encouragement. 


HPN Spotlight

How dedicated is the staff at Hancock Family Medicine-McKenzie to their patients? One example: They once took up a collection to buy a winter coat for a patient who couldn’t afford one, and gave it to him at the end of his appointment. Which should tell you just a bit about their philosophy of care. 


Hank’s Dad Joke of the Week

Q: Why do bees have sticky hair?

A: Because they use a honeycomb. 

The Lily Pad, 7.26.21COVID-19 Update – August 9, 2021

We Make Health Possible

As East Central Indiana’s population grows, we’re putting health care where people need it most. Besides Hancock Regional Hospital, ranked as one of the nation’s safest by the Lown Hospital Index, our network includes more than 30 other locations near your home or work.

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