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Get Back in the Game: When to See a Sports Medicine Specialist

July 28, 2021

Sports medicine isn’t just for athletes. Whether you’re a weekend warrior running your first 5K, the star of your high school football team, or someone with an active job that relies on repetitive motion, active people of all ages and abilities can suffer what’s commonly known as a sports injury. 

Often, sports injuries are caused by overuse or improper warm-ups. However, some injuries might be the result of a twist, a collision, or a fall. Treatment for your injury depends on the severity of your symptoms. 

As the leading sports medicine provider in the area, Hancock Orthopedics is your team for sports injury treatment. You work hard to reach your goals. You push your body to its limit, and you never quit. At Hancock Orthopedics, we’re eliminating excuses so you can get back in the game.

Managing pain on your own: RICE

There’s a reason a lot of us learned the R-I-C-E acronym in our high school health class. It’s an easy way to remember how to effectively relieve pain after an injury. 

Most sports injuries don’t require anything more than consistent rest and time to recharge. You can manage minor bumps and bruises on your own, without consulting an orthopedic specialist.

Knowing when to see the experts

If your aches and pains aren’t going away with rest, your injury may require treatment from an expert. If you’re still experiencing discomfort after a week or two of limiting your activity, make an appointment with a sports medicine specialist or seek immediate care if you have any of the following symptoms: 

Hancock Orthopedics works with active people of all ages and abilities to recover from injuries that limit their activity. From acute injuries like bruises, sprains, strains, and broken bones to more severe injuries including dislocations, fractures, and torn ligaments, we provide the expertise and compassionate care to get you back to your best. Call (317) 477-6683 to schedule an appointment today.