Healthcare Tips

When it Comes to Patient Care, Little Things Make a Big Difference

May 28, 2021

When she’s working with the patients of Gateway Hancock Health, Tamera Trout makes it a point to pay attention to the smallest details. 

That’s because Trout, who is one of Gateway’s health advocates, knows that helping patients feel healthier isn’t only about expert care. It’s also about making sure they’re comfortable when they arrive for their blood tests, imaging, or immediate care—and about getting them in and out quickly and efficiently.

“I really pay attention to people,” she said. “I like to go those extra miles because that’s just who I am.”

Turns out Tamera has built her life’s work around customer service. In our interview below, she explains what she loves about working with the public. 

Q: How long have you worked at Gateway?

A: Just a few weeks. I’m also a spa owner and a licensed esthetician. I own Spa 52 in New Palestine, so I understand customer service really well. 

Q: Are you from Hancock County?

A: I was born at Hancock Regional and raised in Greenfield! I know a lot of people in the community, but it’s been growing so quickly that there are a lot of people I don’t know. 

Q: What are some of the little things you do for patients?

A: If they aren’t fasting for their tests, I offer them coffee or tea from our coffee bar. Or, if they’re in a wheelchair, I try to make sure they’re located in a part of the waiting area where they can see what’s going on and be near the doorway they’ll enter to get their tests. And I take time to talk to them and show them around the building, because it is really beautiful.

Q: What do patients say about Gateway and its environment?

A: People comment on it all the time! They love the building. And what’s not to like? It’s open, airy, and calming. It feels earthy, and not like you’re closed in. It’s not what some people expect when they’re coming in for blood tests or MRIs. 

Q:  One of Gateway’s biggest benefits is its affordability: You can get labs and imaging done at a price that is, on average, 70% less than you’d pay at a hospital. How important is that?

A: We like to help people save money, and that makes them  feel better. I think it’s a stress reliever because a lot of people are on strict budgets—a lot of older people, especially. 

Q: That probably helps doctors encourage their patients to follow through with labs and imaging orders. How does Gateway work with physicians’ offices?

A: If we can work with the doctors’ offices, we save the patient from having to chase things down. So that’s what we do. We want to keep things running smoothly for everyone, and we get lab and imaging results to them quickly—in a day’s time, if we can. 

Q: What are your future plans? 

A: I’m really enjoying my job here, and I want to keep taking care of people at my spa, too. I’m also a REALTOR® in my extra time!

Tamera is one member of a committed staff of health advocates, doctors, and nurses who work to ensure that every patient who comes to Gateway receives expert care and excellent service. If you’re planning a trip to Gateway, don’t forget to Save Your Spot in line by signing up online. To learn more about Gateway, visit