Survivorship Week

May 24, 2021
Surviving cancer and finishing treatment is a huge milestone. Therefore, a proper celebration is due to each unique cancer survivor’s story. Many cancer survivors have an uphill battle once their treatment ends, so they still need the support of their loved ones and community in order to continue their fight.

The battle remains

Cancer survivors celebrate the end of their treatment, but that doesn’t mean they get to go back to living their “normal” lives. Many struggle with financial hardship because of the treatment costs, which can skyrocket even if they have medical insurance or abundant resources. Physical difficulties such as post-treatment illness, recovery after surgery, or continuing prescription interactions may be part of their story as well. As if that isn’t enough, emotional and mental hardship can follow cancer’s stronghold on the body. Survivors may have worries about relapsing or may struggle with anxiety or depression as well as relational difficulties.

All of this to say, cancer survivors are fighters, and Survivorship Day is all about celebrating life. One thing that many cancer patients have in common is a new and optimistic outlook on life. That is why Hancock Regional Hospital is not just celebrating for one day this year but an entire week!

Let’s celebrate!

Living through the pandemic has been difficult for many people, and cancer survivors are no exception. Many of them may still have suppressed immune systems that have caused complications in trying to avoid the COVID-19 virus. Survivorship celebrations in the past have been huge, with families crowding around bounce houses, partaking in yummy snacks, and gathering in community to celebrate those they love.

Although Hancock Regional Hospital won’t be able to do one huge celebration this year because of restrictions put in place from COVID-19, we have decided to create a weeklong celebration to honor those who have fought so hard to win their personal battle with cancer. Survivorship Week will mean that cancer survivors from all walks of life can gather in a safe and socially distanced way to celebrate their victory.

From June 7-11, survivors can come to the hospital to receive a T-shirt, snacks, and an entry to a drawing for a chance to win gift cards and other prizes. Unfortunately, families will not be able to accompany cancer survivors because of the hospital’s current COVID-19 visitor policy. However, because no celebrations could be held at all last year, we are hoping that this one will be a stepping-stone to getting back to normal. Come by and join in the fun of supporting other cancer survivors in celebrating life and Survivorship Week!

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