Mental Well-Being

Is it Time for You to Join a Book Club?

April 26, 2021

Looking for a safe place to have deep conversations with friends, maybe vent a little, and share your dreams? You might want to join a book club. They’re growing in popularity—especially since the pandemic started—and those are only a few of the reasons. 

Studies show that reading makes people happy. So much so that its benefits include stress reduction and the prevention of cognitive decline during the aging process. Reading also increases memory, creativity, and knowledge. It’s so relaxing that it can help lower your blood pressure.

And book clubs take all of that to the next level.

What book clubs offer

If you want to join a book club now that you’ve read about all of the benefits, you don’t have far to look. The League of Women Voters in Greenfield has organized one—they’re currently reading Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. It began in March, everyone is welcome, and it’s expected to operate through 2021. Other places to look for a book club include the local library, social media, or among your friends—.

In the end, whether you create your own club with a group of friends or go online with people from around the world, you can never go wrong with a good book and an even better discussion. Happy reading!