Hancock Home Medical Equipment Is Much More Than a One-Stop Shop

April 26, 2021
The home medical supplies industry is a rapidly growing, multibillion-dollar industry. Patients, as well as the general population, are looking to gain more freedom in living and caring for themselves at home, which is provided through products specialized for in-home use. Aware of this trend, Hancock Health is intent on maintaining the high-quality, personal touch for which we’re known. That is why many therapists and physicians within the Hancock Health system have formed relationships with Hancock Home Medical Equipment, located in Greenfield, Indiana.

You name it, we’ve got it

Hancock HME is a brick-and-mortar location for its clients. Located at 1117 North State St., Hancock HME offers a large variety of medical supplies for every need, from diabetes to mobility aids. Even postpartum moms can find new parenthood helps here. They sell products such as orthopedic bracing components, compression hosiery, breastfeeding supplies, and nursing bras, diabetic shoes, walkers, roll-aids, and many other items. 

Even sleep apnea aids

Partnering with the Hancock Regional Hospital Sleep Center means that Hancock HME is able to offer clients an easier way to acquire a CPAP machine. An in-house therapist offers precise sizing, so everything is streamlined for Hancock Health patients. Hancock HME staff ensures that supplies covered by insurance, such as CPAP machines, are billed correctly, taking that stress off of their clients as well. They take these partnerships seriously, understanding that streamlined patient care lies in building relationships with doctors, nurses, and other Hancock Health staff. 

Why small is better

So, why would anyone rely on a small, “no-name” store for their needs when giants like Walmart, CVS, and Amazon have a foothold on much of the medical supplies industry? One obvious reason is to support the local community, an ideal of necessity as COVID shut down many small businesses during the pandemic. Another reason, however, is HME’s superior customer service. Jessica Mench, manager, believes that her staff’s knowledge and ability to provide one-on-one consultations sets them apart from larger suppliers.

Customization and customer service

At HME, visitors can meet with trained experts for one-size-does-not-fit-all advice. For example,  if you enter a larger chain store to buy compression hosiery, you have no option but to choose a “generic” size and hope it fits. You may not know how to care for the product or even use it in the proper way to gain the most benefit. And no Amazon chatbot will be able to help you. According to Mench, “By fitting you for exactly the size you need and taking the time to show you the proper use as well as how to care for your product, you are going to have a much better outcome in easing conditions like varicose veins, diabetes or poor circulation.” 

In addition, the professionals at Hancock HME can determine whether certain supplies are covered by insurance. You won’t find that service at Walmart. This benefit of high-quality private consultations applies to all the products HME sells, too. 

New baby needs?

If you’re a new mom in need of a breast pump or nursing bra or the myriad other accessories to make the transition into postpartum easier, Hancock HME can help. Breast pumps may be covered by insurance, and the staff will be on hand to help you figure out if that is a possibility for you. Furthermore, with so many different types of nursing bras and clothing, you can get personal advice as to what size will work best for you.

As with most small businesses, you can always stop in with questions. This is the foundation of a relationship that, along with the partnership of Hancock Health, can streamline your care to help you achieve your wellness goals. Whether you are looking for a breastfeeding pump system, orthopedic products, mobility aids, or more, you can be sure to trust Hancock HME to help you find the right product to fit your lifestyle and need. At Hancock Health, we are proud to partner with an organization that fits so well into our mission of taking care of our community.

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