Pregnancy and Childbirth Matter in Hancock Regional’s Andis Women’s and Children’s Department

February 15, 2021
Any pregnant woman waiting to give birth understands the vulnerable nature of labor and delivery. Women are programmed to look for comfort and safety while laboring so that they feel at ease with the birthing process. Whether a woman has chosen a vaginal birth, cesarean, or has an emergent condition, Hancock Regional Hospital aims to provide the best birthing environment possible in its Andis Women’s and Children’s Department.

A newly expanded maternity ward

The maternity ward at Hancock Regional offers an atmosphere more like home than a hospital. A recent expansion brought world-class labor and delivery rooms furnished with state-of-the-art equipment and monitoring systems. An improved family waiting room and spacious postpartum recovery suites allow women privacy while introducing their precious bundle to family and friends. Flexible visiting hours and new furniture for overnight visitors mean that partners or guests feel more welcomed and have more space as well.

Parents can breathe easy knowing that lactation specialists and nurses are on hand to answer any questions that arise. In fact, every mother receives visits from a certified lactation consultant. Immediately after birth, practices are in place to ensure skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby as well as rooming-in, meaning the baby does not go off to the nursery. These measures ensure that the precious moments after birth are protected and cherished while the new family unit takes time to bond with each other. To ease the postpartum time period, outpatient support groups for breastfeeding, pumping, and other parenting concerns are also available.

Maternity Care Companion

Hancock Regional Hospital offers Maternity Care Companion (MCC) services to help every woman navigate the, at times, confusing world of pregnancy and childbirth options. By educating mothers, helping them assess their own needs, and coordinating childbirth as well as parenting classes, an MCC can be a lifesaver at a time when parents need someone to turn to. Lisa Buksar, an MCC in Hancock Regional’s Andis Maternity Ward, says, “Our goal is to promote the overall health of women. This leads to healthy pregnancies and healthy babies.” She believes that it is through relationships, education, and connections within Hancock County that Hancock Regional Hospital has become a special place for the care of women and children.

Whether you’re having your first baby or your fourth, Hancock Regional Hospital’s Andis Women’s and Children’s Department is the best option for state-of-the-art care that doesn’t feel mechanical. The dedicated staff within this department and its maternity ward take extra measures to make sure that comfort and a sense of nurturing are present as well. By educating mothers and their partners and listening to the needs of their patients, Andis ensures the best outcomes possible in each woman’s labor and delivery experience.

The Women’s Health Clinic receives a grant from the Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust Inc. (IBCAT)What Can You Do For Your Loved One in ICU?

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