Suburban Hospice Receives Quality Award for Outstanding Service

January 28, 2021
Dying is hard. It’s heartbreaking. True for the one walking through it and for their family and friends watching and living it with them. It can be a very lonely and confusing time as well. Facing the end of a life-limiting disease can be an emotional roller coaster ride for all involved. Having someone to guide you through this intense season is incredibly important for healthy bereavement and closure. 

Hoosiers in Greenfield, Noblesville, Lebanon, and other areas of central Indiana are fortunate to have a resource like Suburban Hospice to help. And the community is quick to tout its praises. In fact, the organization won Strategic Healthcare Programs’ SHPBestTM “Premier Performer” Caregiver Satisfaction Award for 2019, placing in the top 5% in family satisfaction. This is the second year (2018 saw the award as well) Suburban Hospice has ranked so highly out of the 2,000 hospice organizations nationwide.

Their tagline, “Kindness. One person at a time” is more than just a string of words. This organization and its employees put these words into action as they work to help the ill and bereaved throughout their community. As Director Jeannie Crowe says, “Awards are great, and it is wonderful to be recognized, but I am most proud that this team of nurses, nurse practitioners, doctors, chaplains, aides, and social workers really loves their work and loves their patients and families. They sincerely feel called to this work, and it shows in how our patients and families experience their care.”

For many people in both our local and wider communities, the death process can be fraught with confusion, emotional suffering, pain, and regret. Hospice organizations like Suburban Hospice act as a source of calm, confidence, and comfort for those transitioning through death as well as their family and friends. Suburban’s nurse practitioners are trained to not only provide comfort measures to their patients but also to give family members guidance in creating a comfortable environment for their loved ones. When patients experience decreased pain and nausea and increased comfort provided by family and friends, it creates a much higher quality of life.

Suburban Hospice offers a wealth of information and resources to the community. Its website even boasts an extensive Caregiver Library where loved ones can find articles and helpful resources. The team is equipped to provide both in-home and respite care for those in need, although many people choose their home environment. Suburban Hospice also offers bereavement services for the friends and family of those passing. 

“There is no ‘right’ way to grieve and no linear path to resolving it,” says Crowe. “Our bereavement program connects people who have suffered a loss with others who can understand what they are going through. Our grief support team normalizes the roller coaster of emotions and helps the bereaved find healthy ways to express that and heal from the loss.”

If you and your loved one are in need of compassionate care, it’s comforting to know that an organization like Suburban Hospice is standing by ready to help. Services are covered by both Medicare and most insurance policies. However, it also accepts noninsured patients through an endowment used to help those in need. If you’d like to know more, contact Suburban Hospice through its website or call its toll-free number at 833-888-7222.

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