Happy Anniversary Healthy 365 Connection Center!

January 12, 2021
This winter, we are celebrating one year since the opening of the brick and mortar Healthy365 Office on W. McKenzie Rd. in Greenfield. Healthy365 is a free and confidential, centralized connection for resources within Hancock County, and our Support Navigators are focused on removing barriers to find solutions to the top challenges in our community, including addiction, mental health, chronic disease, obesity and the cost of healthcare. 


The Founding of Healthy365

Healthy365 was founded five years ago with the intention to create a better transition for those seeking mental health support in Hancock County. Before the founding of this organization, those seeking out help had to do a lot of legwork in order to find the right provider for their needs, often at a time when it was too difficult to do so themselves. 

But with Health365, our team of Support Navigators can assist local residents in eliminating barriers and assessing their needs to find a nearby behavioral health provider, resource or program that best serves their mental well-being. No matter the health question, we’re here to connect you to the resources you need for overall wellness – mind, body and spirit. 


Upgrading our Healthy365 Office

Our staff of Support Navigators are dedicated to assisting patients by finding an appropriate provider, setting up meetings and consultations and finding the best fit for your healthcare needs. When the brick and mortar Healthy365 Office was established in January of 2020, it allowed people to walk into a physical location to get help. Through our office, we serve the communities of Greenfield, New Palestine, Cumberland, Fortville, McCordsville, Wilkinson, Shirley and Spring Lake. 

Since its founding, our Support Navigators have been able to consistently create contacts and collaborations among many organizations and individuals in Hancock County to help our local residents navigate life’s challenges. By August of 2020, only eight months into its founding, our physical offices had referred 325 patients for navigation, had 230 referrals to the Congregational Network Navigator, and had made 794 referrals through navigation services. 


Support Navigators at the Healthy365 Office

The staff of Support Navigators are trained to facilitate mind-body skills groups and training, in addition to professional development classes on mental health, suicide prevention and substance abuse with local schools and community partners. Our staff also provide behavioral health and addiction treatment referrals, focusing on what is called a warm hand-off to get residents the help they need from a licensed physician or therapist. 

Additional resources offered through Healthy365 include events focusing on wellness for families, a Congregational Network of church partners ready to reach out to help those in need, mental health and substance abuse information and treatment help, as well as the tobacco cessation coalition. 


Finding Solutions to Challenges

Healthy365 is responsible for many improvements in the lives of Hancock County residents. In order to find solutions to your health concerns, our team partners with Hancock Health, government and business leaders, foundations, local law enforcement, veteran services, mental health providers and numerous others, as well as more than 30 community churches and local faith-based organizations. 


For more information, contact us online or at 317-468-4231, or visit us at 120 W. McKenzie Rd. Suite G in Greenfield. Walk-ins are always welcome!

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