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What I Wish Every Mom Knew About Breastfeeding

March 11, 2020


We get asked so many questions on our motherhood journey… one of the first questions we might get asked when pregnant is, “Are you going to breastfeed your baby?”. This is such a big decision and more than just a lifestyle choice.

As you probably know, some of the advantages to breastfeeding is that breastmilk is always available, always the right temperature, and full of antibodies that protect your baby from illnesses.

I want mothers to know that even if they are nervous about it, there is so much help and support to get started and after discharge from the hospital!

Yes, babies wake around the clock to feed. Responding to your infant’s early cues teaches your baby to trust you! Knowing that you are providing optimal nutrition and bonding to your infant is an incredible feeling. It can also be overwhelming in the beginning and very time consuming, BUT it’s like anything else and it gets easier as you go. You and your baby will learn this new “dance” together.

It’s been years since I breastfed my babies. I still remember those sweet little faces looking up at me and being able to comfort them after immunizations ( yes right there in the office!),  reconnecting with them after a long 12-hour shift at the hospital, and nursing them to sleep and then watching their precious faces before putting them in their bassinette.

When you breastfeed your baby, it allows you to take time out to focus on and reconnect with your little one. It gives your baby skin to skin time that he/she craves and releases hormones that increase bonding. I want mothers to know that those first weeks fly by and breastfeeding becomes an enjoyable and rewarding time for you and your baby. My hope is that we can help mothers get off to a great start and make their own precious memories too!

To help with this, we offer prenatal breastfeeding classes at no charge. When you deliver your baby, you will have daily visits from IBCLC certified lactation consultants.

Quick Tip

After discharge from the hospital, we offer weekly breastfeeding support groups We welcome phone calls to our lactation line for any breastfeeding questions or concerns you may have at (317) 468-4397!

If you feel like you need more individual assistance with breastfeeding after discharge you can schedule a follow-up lactation visit to meet one on one with the lactation consultant. We truly want to help you meet your breastfeeding goals and are honored to assist you at this very special time in your life!